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Hillary’s Lead Over Trump Sinks Yet Again, Amid Email Controversy

Written by Philip Hodges

From the beginning, Hillary Clinton has had a problem with trust. It’s been her central weakness as a candidate.

The email scandal has only served to bolster people’s criticisms of her character. Even when the media tries to defend her, in some cases, that makes it worse. That gives the impression that she “got away” with something by virtue of her last name, and that the media has her back in coming up with excuses.

If people find her untrustworthy now as a candidate – and all throughout her history as a public figure – then how much worse will she be as president? It seems that in spite of the media’s attempt to sweep Hillary’s email scandal under the rug, people aren’t letting her get away so easily. It’s taking a toll on Hillary’s poll numbers, and her lead over Trump continues to shrink.

The latest poll from NBC News shows that Hillary’s lead over Trump has shrunk to just 3 percentage points, 47-44. Even NBC News is crediting the email controversy for her fall:

Hillary Clinton’s lead over Donald Trump narrowed to 3 points this week after several days of controversy following FBI Director James Comey’s recommendation that no criminal charges be brought against the former secretary of state over her use of a private email server.

While the developments are certainly good news for the Clinton campaign, Comey’s critical statement on Clinton’s handling of the matter was not positive. Clinton’s lead over Trump has deteriorated in the past couple weeks since her lead peaked two weeks ago.


The email controversy seems to have a meaningful impact on voters’ impressions of the presumptive Democratic nominee as 66 percent of voters now say she is not honest and trustworthy — including a third of her own supporters.

We all know that people are fickle, and that we still have a long way to go to November. Anything can happen between now and then to affect either candidate.

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