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Black Woman Whose Fiancé Got Fatally Shot by Cops Just Made This “Racist” Statement [VIDEO]

Written by Philip Hodges

Her statement would only be considered racist by liberals and those in the Black Lives Matter movement. She said, “All lives matter,” and it was caught on video.

Diamond “Lavish” Reynolds is the woman who recorded and live-streamed to Facebook the moments right after her fiancé Philando Castile was shot by police in Minnesota. Castile was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Her video has since gone viral, and Black Lives Matter have taken the case and have run wild with it. The shooting was one of two recent cases that prompted protests around the country, the most notable being in Dallas, Texas that resulted in five police officers being shot and killed, and several others wounded.

BLM members took to Twitter to celebrate the Dallas mass murder:

“Y’all pigs got what was coming for y’all.”

“Next time a group wants to organize a police shoot, do like Dallas tonight, but have extra men/women to flank the Pigs!,” added another.

“Dude hell yeah someone is shooting pigs in dallas. Solidarity,” commented another user.

“DALLAS keep smoking dem pigs keep up the work,” remarked another.

We already know that saying “all lives matter” is racist. It’s racist, because according to BLM activists and liberals, white lives already matter. So, all they’re saying is that black lives matter also.

But even Diamond Reynolds – the woman whose fiancé was fatally shot by police – recognizes that it’s not just black lives that matter:

“Everyone will see that this was a very detrimental situation….to everybody in this community, everybody in this world, not just blacks, not just whites, not just Asians but everyone, this affected everyone. Not black lives matter – all lives matter – every single life out here matters, no matter the color, the race, the nationality, we all deserve to be heard.”

If BLM are consistent, they’ll make sure to denounce her, and set her straight by letting her know that saying “all lives matter” is racist. But, we all know that’s not going to happen.

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