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Unarmed White Teen Shot and Killed by Cops [VIDEO]

Written by Philip Hodges

One of the things that’s always bothered me about the Black Lives Matter movement is that they believe that cops are out to get exclusively black civilians. They believe that cops only use excessive force with black people.

The truth is that cops – of all races – can use unwarranted excessive force, even deadly force, on any civilian, regardless of their race. Obviously, not every cop falls into this category, but there is less a “white-cop-on-black-civilian” problem, and more of a “cop-on-civilian” problem.

There are many cases of white people being targeted, searched, beaten, tazered, killed, or their houses ransacked, all by police, and all without warrant. They’re not mentioned as much in the media – definitely not the national media – for the same reason they don’t mention self-defense stories involving guns. They don’t fit the narrative.

One of the latest examples comes out of Fresno, California. A 19-year-old white male was pulled over for speeding on June 25th.

According to police, the young man – identified as Dylan Noble – lifted his shirt up and reached inside his waistband, making police believe that he was reaching for a gun. So, they shot him. No gun was recovered from the scene.

An eyewitness caught part of the confrontation on cell phone video across the street. At this point, the kid is seen lying on the ground next to his pickup truck. The video captures the moments police shot him two times.

The Fresno police chief Jerry Dyer confirmed that Noble was also shot twice before the eyewitness’s video footage started. So, he was shot a total of four times.

Noble was taken to the hospital where he died. From ABC News:

“When he gets within about 12 feet of the officers, he makes the statement ‘I hate my effing life’ and then he quickly starts to pull his hand out when the officer fires two rounds and shoots him,” Dyer said.

After those shots, Noble fell to the ground and the video began. It’s hard to see exactly what he’s doing at that point and we’ve blurred a portion of the video that may be too disturbing for some people.

But Chief Dyer says body cam footage from about ten to twelve feet away paints a much more detailed picture.

“That happened twice, where he deliberately raised his shirt with the left hand and reached with his right hand underneath his shirt into the waistband,” he said. “The officers, at that point, believed he was trying to retrieve a firearm and they fired.”

There is body cam footage of the entire confrontation, and the attorney representing Noble’s family is requesting that it be released. The police have yet to release it, saying that it’s too early.

After the shooting, friends and family demonstrated in the streets, even holding signs that read “White Lives Matter.” The demonstrations were peaceful, unlike those in Dallas.

I’m not justifying what Noble did. If he was noncompliant in any way, he certainly shouldn’t have been. However, we’ve seen this too many times – police overreacting in these kinds of situations.

We won’t know what exactly happened in this case until the full footage is released. What we do know is that he didn’t have to black in order to be shot.

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