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Gun Rights

Teen Home Alone Uses This One Thing Liberals Hate to Fend Off Burglar [VIDEO]

Written by Philip Hodges

Guns themselves are politically incorrect enough. But when young people get their hands on them and use them in the way they’re intended, they’re downright evil.

Here’s a 17-year-old girl who was at her Franklin Township, Indiana home alone when a burglar tried to break in. WXIN reported:

Faith Shilkett was home alone around 2 p.m., when her dog Duke started barking. She walked out of her room and saw a man knocking on the front door.

“He was big. He was muscular. He looked like he could do damage if he got a hold of you,” said the teen. “I was scared if he got in, he could’ve hurt me.”

Faith then took off through the house to lock the other doors. When she did that, she got a glimpse of the man at a deck door. She says the man then went to the garage door and jiggled the handle, trying to get in, and even peered in the window. Faith then ran to her mom’s room and pulled out a gun.

“I stayed back here and I started yelling ‘I’m here. I have a gun. I’m going to shoot,’” she said.

Faith called for help and waited. She said she heard rustling in the garage and the man took off in a white van.

I know we’re supposed to believe that more guns equals more crime. But how do you explain these instances where armed homeowners or even young people home alone are able to either fend off would-be attackers or shoot in self-defense?

Gun control proponents would have us believe that a young person in Faith’s situation shouldn’t resort to using a gun for protection. In fact, we should be horrified that the girl was even able to get the gun in the first place. Why wasn’t it locked up in a safe?

I think liberals would have preferred that Faith be a defenseless victim rather than her using a gun to protect herself.

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