Judge Orders Christian to Serve Gay Wedding

Are we even surprised anymore? Today in America everyone is equal unless you’re a conservative or a Christian – then you are just a bit less equal than everyone else. A judge in Colorado recently continued the chain of abuses against American Christians by ordering that a Christian baker should be forced to make cakes for homosexual weddings if he wants to stay open.


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christianlibertyThe ACLU sued Christian baker Jack Phillips because he turned down the business of a gay couple who were planning a wedding. Charlie Craig, 33, and David Mullins, 29 were married in Massachusetts but wanted to purchase a cake to celebrate in Colorado. When Mr. Phillips turned them away, they did the most logical thing they could think of and sued the man for his religious beliefs. Oddly enough, the gay couple cannot legally marry in Colorado, but they can sue a man for his religious convictions in Colorado.

This is the problem with allowing the government to get involved in marriage – it can have a ridiculously bi-polar legal system that, on one hand, bans gay weddings, while on the other, punishes a citizen for refusing to take part in one.

Nicolle Martin, an attorney for Masterpiece Cakeshop, said the judge’s order puts Phillips in an impossible position of going against his Christian faith.

“He can’t violate his conscience in order to collect a paycheck,” she said. “If Jack can’t make wedding cakes, he can’t continue to support his family. And in order to make wedding cakes, Jack must violate his belief system. That is a reprehensible choice. It is antithetical to everything America stands for.”

Don’t be surprised if you hear more stories like this moving forward. Just a few months ago in New Mexico a judge ruled against a Christian photographer because she refused to take part in a gay wedding there. Also, in Washington State a case is pending against a Christian florist for refusing to decorate for a gay wedding there.

It’s all hands on deck in the war against Christianity and conservative marriage beliefs. If you are a Christian business person you better beware, the ACLU may be coming for you next.

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