Here’s the Latest Revelation In Clinton’s Email Scandal

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There is much speculation as to the conversation aboard Bill Clinton’s private plane sitting in a secured area of the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport this past Wednesday.  Who knows if any portion of the conversation by and between Bill Clinton and US Attorney General Loretta Lynch will become public, but then again, so very many never knew Hillary Clinton’s emails were not secure, had been hacked and made public.  My commentary on the airport meeting came from an eye witness account who released the information guardedly to one local media outlet and several alternative outlets.  Bill Clinton already was on the ground, prepared for departure when he learned the Attorney General was inbound and on final approach to the Executive Terminal at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.  Clinton simply ordered his plane to pull off the line going to a remote area.  The Attorney General’s plane upon landing simply taxied close to the Clinton plane, and she walked over for their private conversation.  Speculations galore, however, there are very real concerns in multiple camps over Hillary and her still unraveling email problem(s).  A significant and quite serious new problem just arose for the Clintons, and the Democrat Party, and this very likely made the idea of a quick meeting on a private plane (not government craft) in a secure section of the Phoenix airport, away from the public well worth the opportunity – classic Clinton behavior.

Hillary truly is in serious trouble as the FBI investigation reaches a conclusion.  Enough trouble that former president Bill Clinton was dispatched to attempt and work his magic on Loretta Lynch (an old Hillary Clinton law partner by the way).  While Lynch now states she will accept the recommendations of the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton (due to this exposure at the Phoenix airport) Bill Clinton, I sense given the Clinton behavioral history back to Arkansas days, is probing into every nook and cranny to stem-off the full and complete exposure of the Clinton Foundation, FBI investigation findings, the fall-out from such findings, and ultimately minimizing any legal actions against him, Hillary and even Chelsea who serves as President of the Clinton Foundation.  But the alarming latest revelation at Hillary’s feet is an incriminating email just discovered written by Hillary Clinton’s Senior Advisor, Huma Abedin.  This email speaks candidly about the State Department deliberately…

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