The Real Reason a Country Needs a Border

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A border defines the geographical location of a country, but beyond that what other purpose does a border serve? It is a line that tells those who cross it that they have entered a place where the rules may be different than the country they are leaving.

All countries have rules to maintain stability. The American Indians did not have clearly designated boundaries, and being nomadic, borders served little purpose. As civilization developed and the concept of private property was implemented a need for boundaries became necessary. For how could private property in the form of land ownership be implemented without clear borders? A country recognizing private property rights and protecting these rights must carry out that function to the limits of its jurisdiction. The outer most limits are the country’s borders. In cases where the country doesn’t recognized private property such as a socialist country where the state owns all property, borders are still necessary. This dictate must also be bounded if it is to be maintained as a publicly owned property.

If there were no boundaries in this instance any private squatter could disrupt the dictate claiming he was not part of the socialist country. Boundaries are necessary for outlining where rules derived by the political body within those boundaries extend to. In the case of private property protection, borders just like the interior property lines must be delineated and respected. This is the only way to prevent wanton trespassing and the violation of the private property rights of the land owners. If a person wants to enter a country that protects private property rights and doesn’t respect those rights, they are trespassing. Therefore they are violating the law and charges can be filed against them and they can be prosecuted. This is what happens to citizens within the country if they trespass and it is the law of the land.

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This is largely being downplayed in Congress. There is the “concern” with labor needs and the concern with letting the problem become so big that a pragmatic solution is termed “comprehensive”. The issue should be centered around private property and the violation of this right via trespass. For people who do not respect private property or a country that defends this right, are demonstrating an inexcusable ignorance of…

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