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The Hunt is On and I Smell RINO’s

My opponent made his pro-Amnesty, “legalize everyone now” intentions clear; he voted YES on the Senate negotiated CR spending and debt ceiling deal (funding ObamaCare), NO on Tom McClintock’s $1.5 billion Dept. of Energy cut, and he refused to pledge not to raise taxes… shall I go on, or do you get the picture?

Keep in mind this is less than a year into his Congressional tenure – and there’s plenty more – including bad votes on insurance subsidies, NSA, taxpayer handouts to local governments to scoop up private land – he can’t even support the RSC’s Fiscal Year ’14 “Back to Basics” Budget? It’s a no-brainer, pal!

He’s on the wrong side of conservatives nearly every turn..

That’s right – Rodney Lee said it!

Yet… People still give me crap for running against a Republican – some even identifying themselves as conservatives or representatives of Tea Party groups.

stopfeedingRINOSWhat the hell is that?

Now listen to me, sportsfans: We are never – I repeat – never, going to get a damn thing done about the Marxists running the show over there in D.C. – THAT’S RIGHT I SAID IT (my best Levin voice) if we don’t get rid of these RINO’s who are running interference first.

They are not just enabling the Democrats anymore.

They’re not just cheerleading or trading favors, either.

They’re aiding and abetting the ruination of our beloved America.

Maybe it’s for money, maybe they’re wolves in sheep’s clothing – quite frankly I don’t give a damn any more, dear – I just want them out and I want them out in November, 2014. I’m sick of the weak CINO’s (these are “Conservatives In Name Only” – I just made that up) who email or tell me on the phone it’s a bad idea to run against a Republican because it’s a “safe seat.”

I got news for you sis: It’s NOT a safe seat…


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