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TSA Considering Doing This to Prevent Terrorist Attacks [VIDEO]

Written by Philip Hodges

The TSA is already intrusive enough, but there is talk of expanding their security theater to outside the airport and even checking people’s vehicles.

These ideas are coming under consideration as terrorist attacks in Istanbul and Brussels have shown how terrorists can bring weapons and explosives in to the airport easily, just not past security. If they were able to cause as much carnage as they did without having to deal with a security line, why not just move the security line outside where travelers and their vehicles can be searched?

Aviation security expert Denny Kelly said that “everyone’s talking about it,” but that it’s not likely to come to fruition, just because of the cost and the inconvenience. He told CBS DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth):

“They’re talking about it in terms of, ‘Can we do this? And if we do it, what’s it going to cost us?’”

“People are going to be late for their flights and miss their flights,” he said. “Even then it’s not gonna work because if someone is willing to give up their life, you’re not gonna stop them by putting a mirror under their car,” he said.

The idea has repeatedly come up in security discussions, but Kelly says it is unlikely to ever become reality.

Most people understand that the TSA is wildly ineffective. A recent sting operation found that the TSA had a 95% failure rate in terms of catching contraband – such as weapons and explosives – in travelers’ belongings.

Simply moving the security perimeter to outside the airport isn’t going to do anything to stop terrorists from committing mass murder. It’s the same concept as gun control. It might sound good in theory, but in the real world, criminals will always find a way around, and the ones who end up having to deal with the absurdly ineffective and inefficient bureaucratic mess are the law-abiding citizens.

If they were to do this, and they actually were able to stop a terrorist from committing mass murder, that would be a first for the TSA.

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