The Environmentalist Movement is a Danger to Humanity

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Greens – a Forgotten Danger

In 2008 I published a book on ‘The Global Green Agenda’. It was reprinted in 2009 with a foreword by leading climate scientist, Dr Tim Ball. It is a large tome with a few hundred references. A short while later, I wrote a critical analysis of the so-called ‘Green Bible’, because it contained the words of the Bible, but heavily corrupted by liberal, socialistic, pagan, anti-intellectual theology. (See details of both on my website, or go to Amazon).

For a while the Greens hid away, their major ‘culprit’, supposed Global Warming, no longer on the scene, and the chief scaremonger, Al Gore, conspicuously silent. Now, they are again on the rampage. Unfortunately, the Islamic terror stories have obscured and overtaken Green news, so they have been beavering away to create a larger, better offensive, unseen by most logical and scientifically-aware people in the world.

Greens – Useless but Dangerous

But, the Greens are still there. Their illogical, unscientific chatter continues, and their nonsense is again being spread to leaders in high places. Since 2008, nothing has really changed, and so the contents of my book remain spot-on. Thus, 14 years of accrued intellectual sewage has been backing up in the pipes of western society. It is now due to explode out the vents and pipelines!

In view of the recent Brexit from European totalitarianism, the book against Greens is still highly relevant. This is because it shows – and has been proved time and again by EU and UN directives – the true source and foundation of Green ideology. What is now called ‘environmentalism’ has been hijacked by Marxists and fascists. The Marxists are backed by the communist UN, and the fascists are backed by the dictatorial EU. But, I can assure you that ‘Greens’ are NOT concerned with the environment, and their ‘science’ is bogus…


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