John Kerry Opens His Mouth and Screws Up… Again!

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John (Lurch) Kerry, the current Secretary of State and who is vying for the title of Worst Secretary of State Ever, with Hillary Clinton, made one of his famously stupid statements…again.

On Monday the 21st of June, speaking at an iftar, which is a meal that breaks the fast for Muslims, and this time it was also World Refugee Day, he was heard to utter these idiotic words…” “bigoted and hateful rhetoric” about Muslims helps those “who propagate the lie that America is at war with Islam.”    Secretary of State John Kerry said Monday evening that refugee applicants who go through the rigorous screening involved in the U.S. refugee admission program pose a greater security threat than members of any other group.

He also said  “There is absolutely no evidence, my friends, zero evidence, that refugees who make it through this arduous process, pose any greater threat to our society than the members of any other group,” he said. “And it is important for people to know that.”  Kerry said blocking any group on the basis of religion, race or nationality went against Americans ideals.  “Preventing any group from entering the United States solely because of their race, or because of their nationality, or because of a religious affiliation is directly contrary to the very ideals on which our country is based,” he said.

“We believe in individual rights, not collective guilt. And we believe in judging people based on what they do, not the circumstances of their birth or their choice of sacred texts,” Kerry added…


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