Brexit is Proof that “The Average Person Believes the Establishment has Failed”!

Count former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich (R-GA) among the many American pundits who believe that Hillary Clinton will likely fail in her quest to defeat Donald Trump for the presidency. While Gingrich has seen all of the same polls that the rest of us have seen, he also understands that something seems to be stirring among the general population – not just in America, but around the world. When Hillary Clinton’s legal troubles are coupled with her stance as the most establishment of establishment politicians, it creates a situation that is simply untenable. Meanwhile, Donald Trump is the epitome of the populist, outsider candidate and his campaign will focus its efforts on reminding voters of these two facts: Hillary Clinton is a status quo insider, and Donald Trump is a populist, change, outsider.

Listen as Gingrich explains:

“If she can’t absolutely destroy Trump as a legitimate candidate, she is just going to lose. There is nothing she can do on the positive side to win, because the country is going to say: Enough!

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“Enough lying about your emails, enough accepting thousands more Syrian refugees, enough having a failed foreign policy, enough telling us that we’re too stupid to run our own lives. And so this whole theme of what you got in the U.K., this sense that people have that they are sick and tired of the establishment lecturing them — and Hillary can’t help herself.

“She gets up in the morning lecturing, she’s not sure what the topic is but she’s sure it is going to be a lecture, and I think people get pretty tired of it, because it is not working. If it was creating jobs, if it was creating safety, if it was giving us a better sense of who we are, if it led us to believe that America was stronger and not weaker, then people would allow the establishment to govern, but I think the average person believes that the establishment has failed, the social contract is no longer binding, and it is time for a new approach.”

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