The Next Leader of Britain’s Conservatives says It’s Time to Leave the EU

On Thursday, June 23 the citizens of Great Britain will have the opportunity to do something great. They’ll have the opportunity to seize the reins of control over their country back from the larger governance at the European Union. They’ll have the chance to take their own futures back into their hands and to tell the forces of socialism and world government to take a hike.

I hope that our cousins across the pond will look to the future, dream big dreams, and cut themselves off from the dead weight that is continental Europe. I hope that the people of Britain will vote to leave the EU.

On Monday, one of Britain’s most enigmatic conservative leaders, Boris Johnson, (former Mayor of Londong) took to the pages of the London Telegraph to call on his countrymen to vote for British interests first on Thursday, and to cast their ballot to leave the EU.

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This is just part of Johnson’s letter to the British people, read the rest at the Telegraph:

People often complain about voting these days. They say it doesn’t make any difference. They say that whatever party they choose they get the same old broken promises. In fact, they say there is no point in bothering at all.

Boris JohnsonWell, whatever you say about this referendum campaign, it is a moment of fundamental decision. When you pick up your ballot paper this Thursday, you have it in your hands to transform Britain’s current democratic arrangements for the better. You can change the whole course of European history – and if you vote Leave, I believe that change will be overwhelmingly positive.

What is the Remain camp offering? Nothing. No change, no improvement, no reform; nothing but the steady and miserable erosion of parliamentary democracy in this country. If we vote Remain, we stay locked in the back of the car, driven by someone with an imperfect command of English, and going a direction we don’t want to go….

Think of what we can achieve if we vote Leave. We can take back control of huge sums of money – £10.6 billion net per year – and spend it on our priorities. We can take back control of our borders, and install an Australian-style points-based system that is fair both to people coming from the EU and from non-EU countries…

Now is the time to believe in ourselves, and in what Britain can do, and to remember that we always do best when we believe in ourselves. Of course we can continue to provide leadership and support for Europe – but intergovernmentally, outside the supranational EU system.

I hope you will vote Leave, and take back control of this great country’s destiny; and if we Vote Leave, then all our votes will count for more in the future. This chance will not come again in our lifetimes, and I pray we do not miss it.


Read the Rest of Johnson’s op-ed at the Telegraph

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