Obama’s Benghazi Disaster Proves the Media’s Failure

“September 11th has been a day of remembrance for 12 years for Americans and others around the world. The events of last year, losing four brave Americans – Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods – brought home the reality of the challenges we face in the world.  As we near this day of remembrance, we continue to mourn the death of our cherished colleagues and honor their dedication to public service.  We remain committed to bringing the perpetrators of the Benghazi attacks to justice and to ensuring the safety of our brave personnel serving overseas.”    – Statement by the Obama Administration 9/10/2013

President Obama and his people have been making promises like this for the last year, and we still have NOTHING to show for the terrible crimes committed by Al-Qaeda in Benghazi over a year ago. Republicans in Congress are getting tired of playing this waiting game with the administration and a little over a month ago, up and coming GOP star Trey Gowdy (R-SC), called on the media to lend their support to the investigation.

“No one has been arrested, no one has been prosecuted, no one has been brought to justice. We don’t even have access to the witnesses!”

Representative Gowdy then went on to press the media why some major questions are still unanswered. Questions that should be at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

  1.    Why was ambassador Chris Stevens in Benghazi?
  2.    Why were we the last flag flying in Benghazi, after the British had left and the Red Cross had been bombed?
  3.    Why were requests for additional security denied?
  4.    Why were no assets deployed during the siege?
  5.    Do you know whether the president called our allies to request help?
  6.    Why was Susan Rice picked to go on the Sunday talk shows?
  7.    Do you know where the “mythology” that the attack was spawned by a video comes from? This was the official position of the administration.

Benghazi4“In conclusion – Congress is supposed to provide oversight, the voters are supposed to provide oversight and you are supposed to provide oversight. That’s why you have special liberties and that’s why you have special protections. I am not surprised the President called this a phony scandal, I’m not surprised that Secretary Clinton asked “what difference does it make?” I’m not even surprised that Jay Carney said “Benghazi happened a long time ago.” I’m just surprised at how many people bought it.”

Does the media care? Rep. Gowdy’s short speech tells me one thing. If these questions go unanswered, then the media has truly failed us. Our journalists are supposed to find answers to questions just like these, and if they’ve remained unanswered but the media has bought the White House narrative, what does that say about our media? They have accepted the White House story even though these questions should present glaring problems to that story.

The biggest disappointment of the Obama era has been the abject failure of the media to be a watchdog for the people. They’ve traded truth for comfort and ease in the Obama White House.

But, we the people… we’ll never forget.

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About the author

Onan Coca

Onan is the Editor-in-Chief at Romulus Marketing and Bravera Holdings. He's also the managing editor at Eaglerising.com, Constitution.com, Godfather.com and the managing partner at iPatriot.com. You can read more of his writing at Eagle Rising.
Onan is a graduate of Liberty University (2003) and earned his M.Ed. at Western Governors University in 2012. Onan lives in Atlanta with his wife and their five wonderful children.

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