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Soldier Saves Hundreds by Killing Two ISIS Terrorists with One Bullet!

Written by Onan Coca

A British SAS sniper is being hailed as a hero after likely saving the lives of hundreds of people by killing two terrorists with just one bullet.

The confrontation took place in Libya, and the UK’s Express says that the sniper had just seconds to make the most important shot of his life. The terrorists were in a vehicle driving towards a crowd of innocent people when the sniper let loose from over 1,000 kilometers away. The bullet passed through the driver’s skull and then hit the passenger in the neck, killing both and saving hundreds.

A source within the British SAS told the Daily Star:

“It was an amazing shot. It wasn’t so much about distance but the fact that it was a moving target.

“If the sniper had missed a lot of people would have lost their lives.

“He was with the team advising the Libyans who were meant to be doing the ambush. He had little time to act.”

The British have been in Libya helping the nation’s military train and prepare to fight back against the radical Islamist threat. In this case, a group of Libyan troops had been positioned on a hill to guard a road and watch for terrorist activity. However, when the terrorists appeared on the road moving quickly in their direction, the soldiers panicked and were unable to stop the vehicle. It was at this point that the SAS sniper stepped in to save the day.

“The SAS man had to react very quickly.

“He knew his first two shots wouldn’t hit the target but they helped him judge the distance.

“The car crashed off the road after the driver was killed and the Libyans sprayed it with machine gun fire.

“The bomb in the boot then detonated and there was a massive explosion.”

Once again, a hard line is drawn between the works of Islam and its terrorist supporters who show little regard for life, even other Muslim lives, and the heroes of the West who risk their own lives to protect life. Our soldiers prove that we in the West love life more than the evil terrorists of Islam love death

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