Illegal Immigrants Want Georgia to Foot their College Bill

A group of illegal immigrants who have been temporarily allowed to stay in the United States thanks to the Obama administration’s decision not to prosecute crimes, are now suing the state of Georgia so that they can receive taxpayer funded in-state tuition costs for college.

The roughly three dozen young immigrants have been granted temporary permission to stay in the U.S. under an Obama administration policy introduced last year. They filed a lawsuit in August asking a judge to instruct the university system’s Board of Regents to allow them to qualify for in-state tuition.

The Georgia university system requires any student seeking in-state status for tuition purposes to provide verification of “lawful presence” in the U.S. The Regents have said students with temporary permission to stay under the new program — known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or DACA — do not meet that requirement. But the Regents’ policy does not define “lawful presence,” the lawsuit says.

Raymond Partolan, who was born in the Philippines, was brought to the U.S. legally when he was a year old. His father had a skilled worker visa and he and his mother had dependent visas, but the family lost legal status when Partolan was in fifth grade because his father couldn’t pass an English competency test, he said. “There’s definitely an injustice going on here,” he said. “There’s definitely something that needs to be corrected.”

illegalinstateMr. Partolan is right, there is an injustice going on here. There is something that needs to be corrected. But the answer is not what he thinks.

Millions of would-be immigrants are kept out of the United States every year because illegal immigrants continue to flout our nation’s laws and come here illegally. Because of the malfeasance of their parents, these Georgia students have been living here with all of the benefits of being an American for most of their lives. Now that they are adults and able to care for themselves, they sue the people who have subsidized their lives so that they can more easily afford their education.

With their attempt to take even more taxpayer dollars, illegal immigrants are also taking money out of the pockets of students who are legal residents of our great state. More illegal immigrants reaping the benefits of taxpayer subsidized education means fewer legal residents getting to use that money.

This extra burden on our system is one reason that state scholarships like the HOPE scholarship have been cut and standards for this money have been made more difficult over the last few years.

If these illegal residents want to benefit from our tax dollars, then they should, at the very least, first return to their nation of origin and apply for legal entry, like the millions of others who apply every year. This is one of the fundamental flaws of the left’s immigration policies – they give precedence and benefit to people who have broken the law over people who have obeyed the law. That makes no sense.

Hopefully the judge in this case will see that one should not profit from illegal behavior and throw the case out before thousands of other illegal residents flood our fair state looking for a free lunch.

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