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Islam Terrorism

Gay Conservative Bashes Liberals for Enabling Radical Islam!

Written by Onan Coca

Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos has become a controversial figure (putting it mildly) on the American political media scene. He is a flamboyantly gay conservative who speaks bluntly and clearly on some of the most politically incorrect issues of our day, including the deleterious effects of the left’s culture war on America. On Thursday Milo made an appearance in Orlando at the site of the recent terrorist attack with fellow iconoclast Gavin McInness (who is derided by the left as a chauvinist and homophobe), where the two men commented on the attack and on the liberal response to the attack. Their press conference/speeches included a mouth-to-mouth kiss surprising everyone in the crowd, along with McInness shouting a loud “F*** You” to Islam.

There were a few things that Milo did not get to say during his comments, so he wrote them out and published them at Breitbart later in the day. I highly suggest you read his full commentary there, but here are some of the highlights.

America Has a Muslim problem

America has a Muslim problem. Notice my wording carefully here. It isn’t a radical Muslim problem. It isn’t an ISIS problem, an Al Qaeda problem, a Taliban problem, or any of the Muslim terror groups that have sprung up in 2016. The terror attack on Saturday is an expression of mainstream Muslim values…

The Left won’t blame Islam

Alarmingly, prominent liberals and homosexuals have fallen right in line.  They are blaming rifles, the NRA, masculinity, video games — anything but Islam.

Dan Savage blames toxic homophobia and toxic gun culture. Well Dan, I have news for you: toxic homophobia has a name, and the name is Islam…

Fear of Islam is entirely rational. I can tell you specifically that for gay people, “Allahu Ackbar” is the scariest words we could ever hear.

Muslims Rely On Liberals

It’s a sad fact that Muslims rely on being enabled by liberals and overly-tolerant leaders from other faiths to help them spread their poisonous ideas.

Consider the response of the Central Florida Interfaith Council to the vile teachings of Sheikh Farrokh. They say “[we] wish congregations would focus more on helping the homeless, poor, and abused instead of persecuting a group that can take care of itself.”

Where is the condemnation of calling for the murder of gays? When did being against murder become a controversial position for religious leaders?

Why Islam Escapes Blame

With all of this information implicating Islam, a reasonable question to ask is why the government and liberal media refuse to speak the plain truth.  

Beyond all complicating factors, the root cause of this mysterious lack of assigning blame to Muslims is that they are now seen as the apex victims in our culture.

There is so much more in Milo’s piece – do yourself a favor and read it all, over at Breitbart.

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Onan Coca

Onan is the Editor-in-Chief at Romulus Marketing. He's also the managing editor at, and the managing partner at You can read more of his writing at Eagle Rising.
Onan is a graduate of Liberty University (2003) and earned his M.Ed. at Western Governors University in 2012. Onan lives in Atlanta with his wife and their three wonderful children.

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