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A Modest Proposal: To Keep Us Safe, Kick them Out

Written by iPatriot

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The attack on a gay nightclub in Orlando has sparked much debate about who or what was the cause of such a horrific act. Of course, the Left wasted no time turning this terrible deed into a political talking point by calling for new and stricter gun control, as well as excoriating conservative Christians for somehow being responsible for a radical ISIS supporter killing 49 people! The liberal crap masquerading as legitimate causes and solutions only serves to take the focus away from the real reasons and possible solutions to stop such terrorism.

However, with each passing day the evidence is piling up that there is but one entity responsible for this attack. Personal responsibility rests with the Muslim shooter, as it should! What is remarkable is how much the Left is desperate to avoid the obvious conclusion here. It has gotten to such a point of absurdity with all the liberal claims that one could as easily believe that Donald Trump pulled the trigger disguised as a Muslim!

Which brings us, or should if we are a thinking group of people at all, to just what is being proposed to prevent this kind of thing in the future. The ‘solutions’ of the Obama administration and the liberal media are very difficult to evaluate for effectiveness. The reason for this difficulty lies with the fact that none of their solutions are relevant to the real problem. Perhaps this is because the problems these people are trying to solve also have nothing to do with the cause of the attack. Perhaps I am also giving Obama and his media minions too much credit as to knowing the cause of the attack, but it should be very clear for one simple reason. We were told the reason by the perpetrator himself, in pledging allegiance to ISIS and stating that this act was vengeance on behalf of the nation, the Islamic State! As someone once said, “you are entitled to your own opinion, but you are not entitled to your own facts.” This is a stone cold fact folks and it must be dealt with as what it is, an act of war.

Frankly, I do not care for Mr. Trump at all. He has a very suspect character and a fleeting acquaintance with the truth, to say the least. Yet, of all his proposals there is one I think is very good. His proposal to ‘ban’ Muslim immigration for a temporary time is both very wise and very needed for just such situations as Orlando…


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