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Anti-Gay Hatred and What it Isn’t

Written by Tim Dukeman

“It’s astonishing how many people think “only people who agree with me should have rights” is good policy. America is doomed.”   – Tim Dukeman

Let’s make something perfectly clear:

When a Christian has “anti-gay hatred,” they lobby against a radical redefinition of marriage that is entirely unprecedented in human history. They protest the persecution of Christians who will not bow to the sexual revolution.

When a Muslim has “anti-gay hatred,” they take a gay person to the top of a building and throw them to their death. They take a rope and hang the gay person by the neck. They stone the gay person to death, or they shoot a hundred gay people in a nightclub.

There are millions of liberals shouting at the top of their lungs this week that Omar Mateen had the same “anti-gay hatred” that Christians have. That isn’t true, and we all know it isn’t true. When your “hatred” leads you to do drastically different things than someone else’s “hatred,” they obviously aren’t the same “hatred.” (For the record, I don’t concede that Christians harbor any sort of hatred toward gay people, and the suggestion that they do is nothing less than slander). You can’t take two things that have nothing in common and use the same word to describe them both.

That’s not how language works. Stop. If this was anything other than an intentional propaganda campaign to demonize Christians, I wouldn’t have to say any of this.

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About the author

Tim Dukeman

Tim is a graduate of the University of Memphis, earning his Master's in Political Science with concentrations in American Politics and Political Theory. He lives in Louisville with his wife. You can find him on Twitter @TDukeman

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