Liberals and Radical Islam have Formed the New “Axis of Evil”

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The unspeakable wholesale act of wanton murder at the Pulse night club on Sunday is another in an unending line of wake up calls our “Leaders” blissfully ignore.

More now than ever—the malefactors in these stories must be named, dealt with with all force, and expunged from our society and the world.

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The politically correct among us here have no threshold of pain that would allow them the sane appraisal of the needed solution leading to the unalterable conclusion that is at the root cause of the problem. I have had quite enough of the Obama and the left’s mantra of no connection to “the Religion of Peace” paraded about every time such murderous events occur.  I have had all I can stand of Obama, The Democrats Statists and even a number of Republicans who will not protect our country, our people or our Constitution from a full blown invasion by the worst elements of the 3rd world and a medieval Religious philosophy which offers less of redemption  and a higher moral code of moral quality of life than a noxious mix of immoral codes built on murder, coercion, corruption, rape, theft, destruction and iron-fisted control by a centralized authority more befitting renowned and beneficent organizations such as the Hell’s Angels or the Mafia.

liberals and islam

A bold appraisal?? Yes, indeed it is. We once had the moral clarity in this country to call out evil for what it was- to destroy it both here and abroad, to clear out what were existential threats to our nation and its people. In this vein I will say, with no equivocation or ambiguity that the enemy is Islam. Not “Radical Islam” or any other mollified or watered down or dishonest term one has heard or can think of, to wit, “Radical Islam” is Islam. There’s only one variety, now, in the past and in the future.  Any adherents to this religion who typically do, and say nothing to forestall this ongoing carnage are as complicit and guilty as those actually perpetrating these horrific acts against civilization.  There must be no quarter given to this.  To act in any other manner at this point would be suicide…of our nation and our ideals, a prospect that seems entirely possible given the Gutless and Insane machinations of our entire leadership…



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