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Gun Rights

Conservative Congressman Destroys Liberal Attack on Guns after Orlando

Written by Onan Coca

Conservative Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY) is sick and tired of the same old anti-gun arguments that come spilling out of the left’s mouths whenever some maniac commits a horrible crime. They argue for the same gun control measures after every event, knowing full well that the crime that has just transpired would NOT have been stopped by those measures! For example, in Orlando, the shooter was not on any no-fly lists, he was nor was there any reason for a law abiding gun dealer to keep him from purchasing a gun.

Once the FBI concluded there wasn’t enough evidence to link Omar Mateen to terrorism, that meant the man who later swore allegiance to the Islamic State during a murder spree on Sunday wouldn’t be prohibited from airline flights.

Mateen had twice been investigated by FBI agents for suspected terrorist leanings and was for a time listed on a government watch list, but he was removed because agentsclosed the initial case in 2013 without confirming he was a danger, FBI Director James Comey told reporters in Washington Monday.

Yet, what are the first things liberals argue we should do? Ban gun sales to anyone on a no-fly list and force tougher measures on gun purchases.

Massie explains the stupidity and offers a real solution to the problem:

Predictably, Democrats here in the House are calling for more gun control. They want to forbid anyone on the no fly list from purchasing a firearm. Three problems with their proposal: 

(1) this perpetrator wasn’t on the no fly list when he purchased the firearms.
(2) the no fly list isn’t accurate… nor is it compiled in a way that would make it constitutional to deprive someone of their basic rights merely because they (or someone who shares their name) appear on the list.
(3) the FBI director has stated that the no fly list is already consulted as part of the background checks done for gun store purchases. Purchasers are flagged for additional screening if they (or someone who shares their name) appear on the no fly list.

As usual, the gun control being proposed is unconstitutional and would not have prevented the tragedy that the legislators seek to use to motivate its passage.

What could have prevented this tragedy? How about eliminating gun free zones where security is inadequate to protect law abiding citizens who are otherwise capable, willing, and endowed (by their Creator with the right) to defend themselves.

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