Clinton Donors Strategize to Destroy Individual Rights

The Clinton campaign has raised a staggering $256 million dollars. But 80% of that money comes from corporate donors leaving just 20% from private citizens. That means if Hillary wins – big business will be able to trample over the individual’s rights. And legislation like Citizens United will become commonplace.

Major corporations make up the bulk of Hillary’s funding. At the top is Soros Fund Management, which gave over 7 million dollars to Hillary’s campaign. Soros is an American hedge fund management firm.

What is a hedge fund management firm? By its very definition “hedge” means to reduce risk of loss by compensating transactions on the other side of a bet. In gambling, “hedging” is an action taken to mitigate the damage of a poor wager. So a hedge fund makes decisions for their portfolio based on a reduced risk of loss.

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And what better way to reduce your risk of future events then to be in the pocket of the one person on the planet that controls them, the President of the United States? It’s completely brilliant and almost criminal.

Euclidean Capital is the second largest donor to her campaign giving 7 million dollars. Euclidean is what’s called a ‘family office’, which means it’s a hedge fund specifically for a limited number of people. In this case, it’s billionaire James Simons. What’s interesting here is that just slightly down the list from top providers of the Clinton campaign is Renaissance Technologies who gave Mrs. Clinton just over $2 Million dollars. Why is that significant? Because Euclidean Capital is now run by the original founder of Renaissance Technologies. So really this combined group of influencers to the Clinton campaign has donated nearly $10 million dollars. That even beats out Soros.

But that’s still not enough for the Clinton’s. They needed something that would allow world leaders and big businesses to thank them in a special way. So they set up the non-profit Clinton Foundation. Where companies and leaders could thank the Clinton’s with a tax-deductible check in the foundation’s name.

Just like the CEO of GE who gave the Clinton Foundation a donation after then-Secretary of State Clinton lobbied the Algerian government for a GE power plant contract. GE has also directly contributed to Hillary’s campaign after they successfully posted a $33.9 billion dollar profit last year and got a $2.9 billion dollar tax return.

There’s an amazing correlation between corporate donors to Clinton’s 2016 campaign and corporate tax dodgers. Boeing gave to her campaign after making over $20 billion in profits and getting a tax rate of negative one percent. Secretary Clinton lobbied the Russian government for a $3.7 billion dollar Boeing contract to which Boeing thanked Clinton by writing a $900K dollar check to the Clinton Foundation.

Verizon made over $30 billion dollars in profits and paid a tax rate of negative 1.8% by stashing profits in offshore tax havens, which many of these companies also do. Verizon has given over $400K dollars to the Clinton Foundation.

Bank of America received a $1.9 billion dollar refund after posting a $4.4 billion dollar profit and then gave Hillary $225K dollars in speaking fees.

Citigroup got $2.5 trillion dollars in federal bailout money after the financial crisis, paid zero dollars in federal income tax despite making $4 billion dollars in profit. Citigroup has given over $900K in campaign contributions to Hillary throughout her political career. And the list of businesses goes on and on.

So much so that questions have been raised about the foundation’s financial practices; about its fundraising from foreign governments and corporations; about the transparency of its reporting of its donors, and about possible conflicts of interest between donations to the foundation and the actions of Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State in connection with her current 2016 presidential campaign.

Last year the State Department issued a subpoena to the Clinton Foundation for records relating to activities during Hillary Clinton’s term as secretary of state and specifically requested detailed information on the activities of Clinton’s campaign vice chairwoman Huma Abedin.

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