You Can’t Be Pro-Life and Want to Nuke Iran

Conservatives should stand for life, always and without hesitation.

The moment the Republican Party ceases to be pro-life is the moment it ceases to be a conservative party.

That is precisely why it’s frustrating to see conservatives discussing the taking of life, en masse, in a nonchalant manner.

Rep. Duncan Hunter, Jr. (R-CA) said on C-Span Wednesday, “I think if you have to hit Iran, you don’t put boots on the ground,” Hunter told C-SPAN. “You do it with tactical nuclear devices, and you set them back a decade or two or three. I think that’s the way to do it — with a massive aerial bombardment campaign.”

No rational person wants to see American boots on the ground in Iran. No one wants to see that country develop nuclear weapons, especially considering the threat it could pose to our ally Israel.

But a primary reason to oppose Iranian nukes is because you fear they might use them.

Nuclear war is the most indiscriminately destructive type of warfare in existence, a specter that so haunted Ronald Reagan he spent his entire presidency trying to prevent it.

Said Reagan in his 1984 State of the Union address: “A nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought. The only value in our two nations possessing nuclear weapons is to make sure they will never be used.”

The Iranian regime are a nasty lot…

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