“Make America Great Again” just Teamed Up with “Only in America”!

Over the weekend we learned that famed bo promoter Don King had decided to endorse Donald Trump for President. The news meant that Donald “Make America Great Again” Trump would be joining forces with Don “Only in America” King to take the fight to Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party.



This is like something out of a movie.

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Over the weekend we learned that famed boxing promoter Don King had decided to endorse Donald Trump for President.

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The news meant that Donald “Make America Great Again” Trump would be joining forces with Don “Only in America” King to take the fight to Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party.

But the liberal media just wouldn’t buy this endorsement. MSNBC argued that since King didn’t clearly endorse Trump again in an interview with the New York Daily News, then Trump must have been wrong about the original endorsement.

Donald Trump continues to insist boxing promoter Don King has endorsed his presidential campaign, though King denied his official support Friday. 

The media’s reticence to believe Mr. Trump must have irritated the presidential candidate, because he again Tweeted that he had been endorsed by the famed fight promoter.

Because of the media’s insistence that Trump was lying, King decided to speak more plainly with a reporter from USA Today Sports and explicitly confirmed that he was indeed endorsing Donald Trump.

Yes, I endorsed Donald Trump. The guy (from the New York Daily News) said I didn’t because when he asked, ‘Did you endorse Donald Trump today?’ and I said, ‘I endorsed the American people.’ I said, ‘I’m a Republicrat. I’m neither Republican nor Democrat. I’m for the American people. And the American people endorsed Trump. And the American people endorsed Bernie Sanders for vice president.

Whether he becomes president or not, he has brought out all the hidden back-room, under-the-table conversations. If they would vet our politicians and leaders who are trying to be president like they vet Trump, they wouldn’t have none of these problems.

What I said is that with Trump calling all these people out, he (is showing he) can’t be bought, he can’t be controlled, the party can’t control him, he works for the will of the people. They are the only ones he has an obligation to. Because through the primaries, he was self-funded. They say he’s dividing and polarizing. No, it’s already polarized, it’s already divided. What he’s doing is exposing, he’s not polarizing. The Daily News got it wrong.

And you can never underestimate the will of the American people. I definitely endorse (Trump) because I endorse the American people. Trump for president, Bernie Sanders for vice president.

I’m an advocate for bringing women’s rights to the forefront, from Elizabeth Cady Stanton in 1848 to Susan B. Anthony and Lucy Stone, Ernestine Rose, Sojourner Truth and Harriet Tubman. In four more years, it will be 100 years since women got the right to vote.

In this country, they gave slaves the right to vote (1870) before they gave white women the right to vote. So the system is what’s wrong.  It ain’t about the candidates, it’s about the system.”

Next King brought up Donald Trump’s campaign slogans, “Make America Great Again” and “America First,” arguing that these slogans really connect with the American people.

“Those are the things that are resonating in the American people’s hearts and minds. I’m with the people. No matter which way it goes . . . I’m with the people, and the people endorsed Trump, and they endorsed Bernie Sanders. So I’m with them. I’m with the will of the American people.

I can say this, we have never had a consensus of opinion like we have today of rejection of the government, rejection of the politicians, rejection of the party bosses, rejection of the establishment. Everybody agrees, the party agrees, the party bosses agree that the system is corrupt. Bernie Sanders is hollering every day that the system is bought by the lobbyists, the financial interests, the super PACs and all of these things here.

Trump is saying the same thing, that it is the system, not the people but the system that controls it. I want to uncontrol it, and put it back in the arms of the American people of every race, color, creed and religion.”

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