Proof the Establishment Absolutely Fears a Trump Presidency

Whether you love Donald J. Trump or hate him, one thing is abundantly clear. The establishment must be absolutely terrified that he will win election. It goes beyond disliking his verbal abuse tactics against opponents, his perceived arrogance, or his apparent narcissism. And while you would expect the Democrat establishment to work against any Republican candidate, their recent attacks against Trump go beyond their attacks against previous Republican candidates for president. I sure don’t remember violent attacks on Romney or McCain supporters during their political rallies. If you couple that with the “Never Trump” establishment Republicans who are seemingly more interested in preventing a Trump election than they are in defeating Hillary Clinton, you have to ask yourself: why? Could it be that both the establishment Democrats and Republicans, our political elites, are afraid of someone upsetting the status quo?

Republican voters were promised that if their party took back the House, which they did in 2010 things would change. They didn’t. Then they were promised the same thing if Republicans took back the Senate, which they did in 2104. Again, no change. It is apparent that the establishment wings of the Republican and the Democrat parties must be fine with the current state of affairs. These party elites have put their own self-interests ahead of the safety and security of the United States; otherwise our country would not be in the dire condition we currently find ourselves. No wonder they see a Trump election as a threat to their comfortable way of life. They get a very good salary, tons of perks, excellent medical insurance, and a fabulous retirement plan. If they lose an election they have instance job offers from lobbying groups. They don’t want that to change.

Consider the current establishment campaign, aided by a biased media, to brand Trump a racist. It began with the comments he made about the need to secure our boarders. Critics couldn’t argue with the facts. Illegal immigrants are committing crimes in our country. These crimes include sexual assaults, rapes, and murders. Further, according to the Federation for American Immigration Reform, illegals cost U.S. taxpayers more than $100 billion each year.  These are facts. Reporting them is not racist, even though the establishment would have you it is. Next, Trump was attacked over comments about Muslims. Again, he was called racist, but again speaking the truth doesn’t make someone a racist. Even some of those in the Obama administration most notably FBI Director, James Comey, have admitted that we can’t vet Muslim refugees who come to our country. Since ISIS has bragged about infiltrating jihadists into western countries as they did with the Paris attack, what Trump said was common sense, not racism.

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Now we have the latest outcries regarding a statement made about the judge in the Trump University class action case. What is revealing about motivation is that it is not just the Democrats who are using Trump’s opinion to label him a racist, but many Republicans have done so as well. If the establishment Republicans didn’t fear that Trump would disrupt their very secure lives as political elites, why would they jump on the Democrat anti-Trump bandwagon? Trump obviously feels that he is not being treated fairly by Judge Curiel. There are a number of reasons he believes this. Curiel is a liberal judge who is associated with groups that champion immigrants’ rights and other progressive policies.  Trump feels, rightly or wrongly, that his anti-immigration stance might mean that Judge Curiel is prejudiced against him. Alberto R. Gonzales, a former U.S. Attorney General, concluded that Trump’s concerns “raise a legitimate question to be considered.” Believing someone else may be biased because of race does not mean you are a racist.

In conclusion, it is blatantly obvious that the political establishments of both parties want to continue the status quo and are afraid that Trump would prevent them from doing so. Therefore they will do everything they can to discredit Donald Trump, including branding him a racist. Voters should see through the attacks launched at him and consider that the alternative is continuing the progressive agenda by selecting Hillary Clinton. Trump is not a polished politician who parses everything he says so as not to risk offending anyone.  Instead, he speaks his mind, albeit not always eloquently. To call him a racist for speaking the truth is not fair, but then when have standard politicians ever worried about being fair?

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