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Student Threatened with Impeachment for “Forrest Gump” Movie Reference

Campus Reform
Written by Campus Reform

Harrison Jenkins, a student at North Carolina State University, was hounded by his school’s Greek life organizations for referencing Forrest Gump and posting conservative-leaning content on his social media accounts, but ultimately dodged impeachment after agreeing to undergo a variety of university-sanctioned punishments.

Jenkins, who currently serves as the vice president of standards for NCSU’s Inter-Fraternity Council (IFC), has been subjected to verbal intimidation and harassment ever since he openly criticized a guest speaker who reportedly cited white supremacy as the foundation of America.

“This keynote just stated the foundation of America is white supremacy. This is beyond ridiculous. #AFLVcentral,” Jenkins posted to his Facebook in reference to the official hashtag of an “Association of Fraternal Leadership and Values” conference he was required to attend—a post that was later condemned in calls for his impeachment, which ridiculed Jenkins’ for his “blatantly offensive views” that stand “in complete opposition of university values to welcome, support, and respect the dignity of all people.”

Some time later, Jenkins shared a meme (shown below) of Peyton Manning after the Denver Broncos’ Super Bowl victory over the Carolina Panthers to a group text conversation with Greek leaders he had been introduced to at the conference. The meme referenced a popular scene from Forrest Gump in which the movie’s protagonist finds himself in the midst of a Black Panther rally—another post that was used as grounds for impeachment.

Ultimately, Jenkins narrowly avoided impeachment by NCSU’s Inter-Fraternity Council, but was mandated to appear before IFC’s judicial board, which let Jenkins off the hook so long as he complied with a laundry list of disciplinary sanctions.

A letter obtained by Campus Reform shows that Jenkins was required to write a formal letter of apology to each individual council that called for his impeachment, attend at least one of their meetings where he would deliver a verbal apology, attend at least one of their events and write a reflection, attend at least one diversity training session, and meet monthly with IFC’s advisory committee to review the progress of his rehabilitation.

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