School Superintendent Tells Obama Where to Shove His Transgender Bathroom Order!

Charlie Van Zant is the Superintendent of Clay County Schools in Florida, and he is challenging President Obama’s transgender bathroom order which requires schools to allow transgender students to use the bathroom and locker room of their choice.

President Obama came out and issued an order which requires all schools in the United States to allow transgender students use the bathroom of their choice. He also threatened to sue the schools if they did not comply and possibly withhold public funds.

The president said he decided to take the stance because he felt transgender children were being discriminated against, whereas parents and elected officials are calling his order a blatant over reach of his Constitutional power. They are also afraid if schools conform, their children may be subjected to inappropriate behavior by those who take advantage of a gender neutral bathroom policy.

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Van Zant was one of the first political figures to challenge the President. After he stood up and told him Clay County schools were not going to comply, other politicians across the United States started to take a stand as well.

This type of defiance would generally warrant a response from the President, but when we reached out to Van Zant, he said he has yet to hear anything from the President.

That is surprising since the president stated any school who decided not to comply with his orders would face litigation and the loss of federal assistance.

Van Zant had the following to say if Obama upheld his promise:

“That would be an absolute travesty. The federal dollars schools districts receive are used to serve some of the most disadvantaged children we have. Federal dollars go to support children in poverty so they can eat, children with debilitating diseases so they can learn to function. Federal money only accounts for eleven percent of our budget. “

He continued to say the majority of their money came from taxpayers and they urged him to stand up to Obama.

“The overwhelming majority of parents would not send their children to public school if I complied with his order. We would lose far more in per pupil money if the parents decided to home school or send their children to private schools.”

Charlie Van Zant was very passionate about his stance and he said at the end of the day:

“We are going to protect all students. Clay County has a track record of protecting all students regardless of religion, sexual preference and race. I also think it is very important to teach children the proper role of the various branches of governmentat the local, state and federal levels. The Federal government has no legitimate interest or authority over the most private of matters such as bathroom use, or changing of children’s clothes.If I went along with this it would absolutely contradict the proper and correct instruction we give in school in the subjects of American History, Civics, and Biology.”

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Nicole Sanders

Nicole Sanders

Nicole Sanders is a thirty-four year old CEO and Graduate Student at George Washington University.
Her campaign experience includes working on state, local and federal campaigns since 2009 and being an elected county committeewomen for several years in New Jersey.
She is well known for her dedication to bring awareness to the voting public and for exposing political corruption.

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