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There is a Difference Between “Of the People” and “For the People”

Jonathon Dunne
Written by Jonathon Dunne

There is a Difference Between “Of the People” and “For the People”

I am back from a two week vacation. During my vacation I took a step back from everyday life and taught about America in general and came up with some tough questions, which I want to share with each of you including:

  • Are you of the people, or for the people?
  • Imagine a world where everyone has the exact same opinion as you and what exactly that world looks like? How would society advance with that?
  • If you are the last person in America who believes in freedom, would you still stand?
  • What beliefs will you never compromise on?



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About the author

Jonathon Dunne

Jonathon Dunne

Jonathon Dunne is an Irish national who has a life long dream of becoming an American citizen. He is now waiting in line over 12 years. Jonathon is a writer, public speaker and has a podcast exclusive to the Blaze Radio Network. He speaks about God, US History, Constitution and is a firm believer that America is exceptional because the American people are good. You can find his work on and engage with him on Twitter @FreedomDisciple.Follow Jonathon on Twitter @JonathonDunne13.

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