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Silly Liberal: It’s a Rite of Marriage, Not a Right of Marriage!

Written by iPatriot

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It’s the rite of marriage, not the right of marriage. Is there an eleventh Bill of Rights amendment recognizing marriage as a right? Of course not. Since time immemorial every state, every tribe, every locality, every pastor, priest, church, and denomination has been free to infringe marriage with whatever laws, regulations, and fees they decided upon. Those refused marriage in one church went to another, to another state, even to another country. Why! At the proper moment during the marriage ceremony any Bo or Daisy could stand, “To give just cause why the two should not be married.” The institution of marriage was everywhere the common formula: one man and one woman. The formula itself an infringement. Rights don’t have them.

Then Obergefell v. Hodges showed up. Most everyone said, “See? Marriage is a right.” Wrong. The decision used theequal protection clause of the fourteenth amendment to proclaim two couples of the same sex could marry. It was an anti-discrimination decision transformed into the declaration of a new right, the right of marriage. The mixed up decision violated two tenets of our Constitution: divided government and adherence to the amendment process to secure and maintain our rights. Through this mix-up healthcare became a right. Wrong. Medicaid benefits to illegal aliens became a right. Wrong. Through this same mix-up states and feds pass gun control laws infringing the right to bear arms without abiding to the amendment process. When we allow our government to violate, or over a long period of time to overthrow our rights, whether by neglect or malice, legitimate rights are abolished. Imposter rights are invented.

Our organic law as specified in Volume One of the US Code consists of four documents: the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, the Northwest Ordinance, and the US Constitution. The Declaration of Independence rails against the powers of government when unjustly used against a nation’s citizens. The Declaration further defines and absolutely glorifies the rights of individuals in the face of a government’s vast array of powers. Governments and individuals are granted powers, “by the consent of the governed.” Rights: all individuals are born with. They are not granted, bestowed, or allowed. Therefore they cannot be infringed; not even by the amendment process. Governments recognize our rights or they don’t. They do not write, define, regulate, tax, limit, or infringe them. Rights simply are, whether governments recognize them or not.

All individuals across the globe have the same rights as Americans. Unfortunately, most people of the planet live under oppressive governments, too ignorant to recognize the rights of its citizens. By oppressive, ignorant governments we reluctantly include the unlikely countries of France, Britain, Australia, and others who have chosen, for instance, to disarm their citizens and restrict their religious liberties. An American has a right to self-defense in Mexico. A Mexican has a right to self-defense in the United States. The right to self-defense means the right to possess and bear, with sufficient ammunition, what is needed to defend oneself when government is not at hand to intercede. Rights are regulated by the individual, one reason why they are called individual rights. Rights trump laws.

Only individuals have rights…


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