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Beloved Animal Expert Jack Hanna Defends the Killing of Harambe the Gorilla

Written by Onan Coca

This past weekend the Cincinnati Zoo was forced to kill a silverback Gorilla named Harambe after a four-year old child fell into the gorilla habitat and came face to face with the huge animal.

Any intellectually honest person already understood that the Cincinnati Zoo did exactly what it was supposed to do to avoid a horrible tragedy. Sadly, most wacko left animal worshipping liberals can’t seem to consider the event rationally, so… we’re forced to defend what was the only reasonable response in a terrifying situation.

Thankfully the Cincinnati Zoo is not backing down in the face of leftist political pressure, nor are the respected biologists who are voicing their agreement with the Zoo’s actions — particularly the famous American animal expert Jack Hanna, who became a beloved figure in American culture in the 1980’s by bringing a diverse selection of animals into America’s homes by appearing on many popular TV programs.

Here’s what Hanna had to say about the Zoo’s actions in defense on ABC’s Good Morning America:

“I’ve seen him take a green coconut, which you can’t bust open with a sledgehammer, and squish it like this,” Hanna told “Good Morning America” about Harambe, gesturing to indicate the ease with which gorillas can crush fruit. “You’re dealing with either human life or animal life here. So what is the decision? I think it’s very simple to figure that out.”

“I can tell you now that there’s no doubt in my mind the child would not be here today if they hadn’t made that decision,” Hanna said.

Hanna also said something very similar on CBS This Morning:

 “You hear the screaming noise and watch that gorilla’s response. He doesn’t know what’s going on – this is a silverback and not a female. You can see by his face that he’s alarmed. He goes over and looks at the little child, there’s no doubt about that, but what happens when you tranquilize the animal? … I do research in the wild with gorillas and I know what happens. When the dart hits that animal … he jumps and what would happen if the animal had a hold of that little boy? “

“So what choice do we have? We have human life and animal life. So what choice do we have?”

“They made the correct decision… As a matter of fact, it’s a millisecond decision. They cannot tranquilize; it takes five to ten minutes. All of us are sorry. We all in the zoo world are heartfelt for this, but thank goodness a human being is alive today because of a decision the Cincinnati Zoo made.” 


The fact that some are upset that the Zoo chose to kill the gorilla in an effort to save the child shows the absolute insanity of the culture we live in today. Yes, that boy’s life, any human life in fact, is of far more value than the life of one gorilla. Moreover, as Matt Walsh at the Blaze explains… one human life is more valuable than one million gorillas.

My opinion, as I explained it, is that people are more important than apes, so we should feel more relief than anger at the result of this situation. Indeed, I believe a person is more valuable than two apes, or three apes, or 14 apes or all of the apes. I believe there is no exchange rate between people and apes. A person doesn’t equal one ape, and he doesn’t equal 7 apes, or even 800 apes. A person is infinitely more valuable.


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