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Approaching Memorial Day Obama Continues World Apology Tour

Written by iPatriot

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Why do we have a Memorial Day? The reason we celebrate Memorial Day is to commemorate the lives of United States Armed Forces Personnel who sacrificed their lives defending our country and our way of life.

In the days just prior to our great day of remembrance, why would an American president travel to distant countries that warred against us and offer apologetic words and phrases that,in effect, diminished the sacrifices of the American heroes who fought and died defeating those countries and defending our way of life? Why would that president intentionally use words and phrases that cast doubt upon the legitimacy of Americas war time decisions?

It is now clear President Obama is closing his sorry presidency the way he started it, “Apologizing for America.”

Why would an American president go to other nations and demean his country? Does the Obama mantra to “Fundamentally Transform America” ring any bells? By now I do no know why any American does not understand Obama’s mantra is just code for doing as much destruction to traditional American values in all areas, foreign and domestic, as possible while he has the power to do so.

And so he started. In 2009 shortly after being elected, Obama went to the Middle East, to the Muslim world, and started his infamous “Apologizing for America” tour.

He went to Egypt where he made a boasting announcement that he was going to give an important speech in Cairo; “A New Beginnings” speech. As we now know that speech could have been better described as “A Negative Beginnings” speech. With his planned speech, Obama wanted to make sure the governments in the Middle East understood the he was sympathetic to their problems, some of which were caused by America. After all he understood Islam and the Muslim world because in his youth he had been there and done that. Well he got that part right anyway.

Obama then gave a special invitation to the Muslim Brotherhood to attend his speech. That would be the Muslim Brotherhood who not only was no part of the Egyptian government, but who that government, and many other Middle Eastern governments considered a dangerous movement that sponsored violence and terrorism. I believe with that invitation Obama blew his claim to understand the Muslim world right out the door.

The Brotherhood is a Salafist/Islamist party. The Brotherhood has direct links with Islamist groups like Hamas. Since the Brotherhood was outlawed in Egypt at that time, that was a direct challenge to the Egyptian government of Hosni Mubarak, the President of Egypt.

Egyptian concerns about the Brotherhood mattered not to the “Messiah”. Not only did Obama make that invitation to the Brotherhood, he demanded they be seated in the front row of the venue.

Talk about an insult to the president of an allied country that had supported us for over thirty years…


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