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An Unfair Game: Playing the Race Card

Written by iPatriot

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Some analysts contended that Barack Obama’s 2008 election as the President was an evidence that America has overcome its race rancor. However, given the state of the economy at election time, the housing crisis, gasoline prices and unpopular wars, there wasn’t much good news for Republican candidates to run on. Any Democrat, therefore, could have defeated any Republican candidate. As a Democrat, Obama was just so lucky to have run at such a most opportune time.

Looking over his electoral win, Obama decided to change the fundamentals of America. Soon, he pilled up national debt, followed by an overhaul of the healthcare system with public option down the road. Obama frequently reminded everyone: “election has consequences”. The future consequences of such overhaul galvanized opponents, which started to criticize the policies. The President’s supporters felt the heat and soon the blame game started. First, it was the greedy doctors, then the pharmaceutical companies, and finally the insurance companies. When it appeared as if the blame didn’t stick to any of those villains, Former President Carter introduced the “white peoples’ kryptonite”, the ultimate surface-to-air missile that was meant to shoot down what he believed was any high-flying white opposition. He accused opponents of racism, an argument that invariably paralyze white Americans into immediate and absolute submission. It worked! The legislation passed, although on a strict partisan support. Whites in America are usually petrified of being tagged “racists.” It is synonymous to the reaction of Germans when accused of “anti-Semitic.”

But, many of us who are transplants from black Africa wonder why Obama is always categorized solely as “black”. Genetically, Obama is “half-black”. Although his father was black, his mother was white. As it happens in America, no matter which other races black people mate with, their genetic “half-black” offspring are always automatically black. So, I wonder why is it that every other race dumps its genetic half on blacks, and blacks have no choice but to accept the “rejects” of others…


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