The Hypocrisy of Partisanship

A long time ago I wrote a short piece about the hypocrisy of war protesters who went missing once President Obama was elected.

I am considering holding a fundraiser for some folks who have gone missing… war protesters. I am pretty sure that the Bush administration must have sent some black-ops military types to take them out… because they have been mysteriously absent since Inauguration Day.

I miss my daily “Nightly News” update on code pink or whatever other anti-war group is in vogue on any given night. I miss Brian Williams waxing eloquent on the sweet struggle against fascist American military Imperialism that is being nurtured by the right-wing neocons and their venomous “jackbooted” brood of “brownshirts”! 

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Of course… I jest. What I miss is Americans who truly believe in something. Americans who are just as angry about something when a Democrat is leading as they are when a Republican holds office.

Where'd they go?

I am tired of the fantasy narrative of vampiric Republicans and heroic Democrats from the left. The Left is as tied to the military machine as the Right folks. I am also tired of the dime-store story of the saintly Republicans and the sleazy Democrats from the right. The Right can be as immoral as the Left folks.

How about a new story?”

Well, there is a new story, but only the story is new–the theme is old. On Fox News a pair of pundits were discussing how Democrats who were once against President Bush’s warrantless wiretapping program (terrible program, to be sure), are now all of a sudden bending over backwards to support President Obama’s much more expansive snooping program. Of course Alan Colmes points out that it seems that some Republicans are being hypocritical by simply being against the spy programs because the Obama administration is behind it.

I am not the person who is going to argue that we need more bipartisanship in Washington, DC. I happen to think that bipartisanship is one of the reasons we face so many fiscal problems today, because usually the people making the most concessions are Republican. However, the level of hypocrisy is infuriating.

A story where people fight for what they believe simply because they believe it? Where our politicians can be honest because they aren’t worried about job security…

Can’t we just be honest and argue about the issues and stop with the blind partisanship? Some things are always wrong no matter who is in office, and we should be open enough to admit that. Warrantless wiretapping was an abominable mistake when the Bush Justice Department allowed it, and the NSA snooping program is just as wrong today under President Obama as it was when President Bush authorized it in 2006.

Now, let’s talk about how wrong Obama is about Syria and see if we can’t drum us up some war protesters…

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