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Gun Rights

What Will You Do when “They” Come for Our Guns?

Written by iPatriot

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As Election Day looms, President Obama abruptly declared martial law and uses that pen of his to suspend the Second Amendment. Or maybe a year into Hillary Clinton’s presidency, after another mysterious mass murder, Congress is convinced to pass a ban and buyback program for “assault rifles.”

You’re not about to take this lying down. Pigs will fly before you take your AR-15 down to the station to surrender. No sir, ain’t gon’ happ’n, cap’n.

Then, “they” come a-knockin’. Odds are, they will be agents from the ATF. Or maybe the confiscation will be delegated to state police or even local sheriff’s departments. If such is the case, some local law enforcement officers will refuse to obey the order to confiscate their citizens’ arms. Some, however, would giggle with glee at the opportunity to disarm their populace.

“From my cold, dead hands!” You likely uttered and thumped a fist to your chest upon imagining such a scenario. Or perhaps, “Bullets first!” may be your go-to saying. Whatever it may be, the point is the same. When “they” come knocking, you’ll start shooting.

Well, I’m here to tell you that if we wait for “them” to come up to our doors and confiscate our arms, it’ll be too late…


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