Immoral Democrats Use Panic to their Advantage

Global warming and Affordable Health Care are humorless jokes.  There is no definitive man-made global warming.  There is no universal health care that is affordable. This is despite the cheerleaders whose successes are attached to their promotion and who kick their pom poms in the hopes of becoming the new champions of mindless theories. Come on Obama, kick your white boots high.

What sadly exists are greedy politicians like Al Gore and Barack Obama who are trying to make money and fame off ridiculous, self-destructive theories. Obama is a big, sophomoric supporter of both. He got into college through affirmative action, but he got stuck intellectually in the second year. He believes in belief.  Ideology is his excuse for lack of thought.

After political clods like Obama and Gore ruin our economy, they look for sainthood as visionaries who are trying to save the world, rather than to stuff their pockets. Beware of reformers.  Their bite is worse than their bark.  They stuff our indiscriminate mouths with naïve propaganda while they chew the wallets out of our back pockets.

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Every day when I walk out of Gleason’s Gym to go to Starbucks, I pass earnest college students who are trying to petition me to stop fracking.  College students are smugly stupid enough to petition anything.  They are enjoying an extended adolescence where rebellion is their mantra. Truth is what they feel, not what they see.  They are blinded by simplistic youth. Who else would spend two hundred thousand dollars on B.A. Degrees which can’t get them a job?

panicThe evidence against fracking is far less than the proof that it is profitable and safe.  In the meantime other states are enjoying profits from fracking.  Our Democratic Mayor, Andrew Cuomo, is afraid of going against the fervid, sophomoric environmentalists who don’t mind bankrupting the state and making us forever dependent on our Arab enemies.

Obama has a war on coal.  He anticipates costing us thousands of lost jobs and raising the price of our electricity. And his simplistic followers thought that he would do a better job with the economy than John McCain. The man invests billions in windmills, solar panels and exploding electric cars.  Bring McCain back.  Better yet, where’s Bush?

All dolts have their predecessors.  Gore and Obama remind me of the fifties when Paul Ehrlich wrote “The Population Bomb” and warned us that the world would soon be overpopulated and we would starve to death.  Or of Rachel Carson who helped ban DDT and caused millions of deaths by malaria in Africa. In the 70’s The New York Times was threatening us with another ice age.  In the eighties the gays predicted that we would all die of HIV.

Give panic a bone.  But don’t give it our belief and our dollars.  Shame on Gore and Obama.  They steal from us while pretending to do good. It’s one thing if they just stole.  But to expect to be sainted for it is disgusting.


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David Lawrence

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