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The Utter Ridiculousness of Transgenderism Exposed at the University of Maryland

Campus Reform
Written by Campus Reform

Contributor Cabot Phillips went to the University of Maryland to see what students thought about the increasingly blurred line between genders, specifically whether they would sign a petition for him, “a transgender woman,” to play for the women’s basketball team.

Despite making no attempt to exude femininity, only one person out of fifty that Cabot talked to declined to sign the petition. Many petitioners were outright enthusiastic, though two slipped up and still referred to Cabot as a man when wishing him well in his quest.

In recent weeks, the issue of transgender rights has been brought to the forefront around the country.

Last week, President Obama directed public schools to allow students to use whichever bathroom they identified with, and now it seems to be just a matter of time before the same demands are made for transgender athletes.

As a contributor for Campus Reform, I wanted to see just how far young people are willing to go to accommodate those in the transgender community, so I went to the University of Maryland posing as a student who identified as a woman but was unable to try out for the women’s basketball team because of my “assigned gender at birth.”


Read the Rest of Cabot Phillips’ Interesting Experiment at Campus Reform.


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