The Public School’s Foolish “Zero Tolerance” Policies

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In the last few years, we have seen many school districts imposing “progressive” values on their students through the enactment of such things as “Zero Tolerance” policies for things (or ideas) that don’t agree with the liberal progressive political values held by school administrators. This is nothing short of a “social engineering” endeavor, and when it was/is done in Communist or Fascist dictatorships (like North Korea, for example) we label it “Brainwashing” and decry it as a terrible affront to the population as a whole, and especially so, when it is used on impressionable young children. So why aren’t we equally upset when it is done in America, and especially when it is being done to our young school children. I think the main reason is that the schools are selling parents a “bill of goods,” and the sales “gimmick” used, is the use of fallacious, even ridiculous, arguments, that are hard to oppose because they sound so well meaning. After all, when the school’s administrators say something is “dangerous” or a “security risk” for our children, who can reasonably argue against that? The same is true when school teachers and principals tell us that something is being banned because it is “too distracting” in the school setting, and would detract from the “learning environment.” Those arguments are widely used for things like banning even obviously harmless things like toy guns, or the flying of American flags. The arguments are utterly ridiculous on their face, yet because denying the arguments puts parents in the position of apparently opposing security for the students or of creating a bad “learning environment,” they are too often reluctant to speak up about them.

We need to be clear about the real purpose of these policies, and we need to oppose them at every turn. First off, it is utterly ridiculous to think a toy gun, or even just pointing your finger and saying “bang,” can possibly pose any sort of security hazard to children, whether at school or at home. Obviously, our school administrators aren’t stupid enough to really believe that argument either. So what else could be the reason for them? Clearly, the goal is to demonize guns in general, to make children see them (hopefully for the rest of their lives) in a negative light, rather than the more positive one they get from TV and movies, where heroes carry guns all the time, and use them for good, rather than evil, purposes. Why would an American public school, funded by taxes paid by Americans, oppose flying the American flag? They commonly say it is either “too distracting” or that it may “offend some students.” I’ll get to the “distracting” argument in a moment, but the “offensive” argument is simply a way for school administrators to shirk their responsibility to deal with inappropriate behavior by some students in their school. If anyone is offended by flying the flag of the country that is educating them, at that country’s expense, then those people are free to drop out and seek other avenues of education. They are NOT free to cause disturbances in the school setting, and it is the administrator’s responsibility to put a stop to such activities whenever they occur…

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