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Bernie Sanders Loving Professor’s Politically Charged Assignment Makes Waves

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Prof. Frank Barajas at Cal State-Channel Islands offered students extra credit to write a letter to a state assembly member or senator decrying “how [CSU’s] high fees and tuition” impact them and their family, including psychologically. Students were also instructed “include why you believe free tuition would better impact your education.” Barajas even provided several links to blogs he has written, including one in which he argues that student loans are a new form of financial slavery.

Additionally, Barajas asks his students to provide him with copies of their letters so that he can postmark them himself in order to ensure that they are in fact delivered to California’s lawmakers, even asking permission to send the letters to Gov. Jerry Brown (D) and the Chairmen of California’s Higher Education Committee, as well.

We’ve attached a copy of the extra credit assignment so you can see it for yourself. 

If you want to know more, you can find the story below.

A California State University, Channel Islands professor asked students to endorse part of Bernie Sanders’ platform for extra credit by asking their state legislators for tuition-free college.

“In a 1 to 2-page business letter, write your assembly member and/or state senator as to how the high fees and tuition of the California State University impacts you, and your family, not only financially but also psychologically and in other ways,” description of the assignment obtained byCampus Reform instructs.

“Also include why you believe free tuition would better impact your education.”

Prof. Frank Barajas offers the assignment to students in his history of the United States since 1887 course, which surveys America’s political and economic institutions from the reconstruction era to present day. The three-credit course is arequirement for all history majors at CSU.

To help facilitate the letter-writing process, Barajas provides a list of links to a few blog posts he has written on the subject, saying they will help “provide a historical context to what university students are experiencing today.”


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