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London’s Muslim Mayor with Ties to Terrorism is Feuding with Donald Trump!

Bethany Blankley
Written by Bethany Blankley

It seems that the mayor of London who is currently feuding with GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump has some long held ties to terrorism.

Prior to becoming London’s first Islamic mayor, Sadiq Khan was previously the Minister for Community Cohesion, tasked with “stamping out Muslim extremism.” While he was supposed to be “stamping out Muslims extremism,” he referred to “moderate Muslims” as “Uncle Tom’s.” He said, “You just can’t work with ‘Uncle Tom’s.'”

Khan apologized for comments he made on Iranian-backed Press TV in 2009, which resurfaced prior to the election. Khan “insisted he would ‘respect’ everyone in the capital if he was elected,” the Mail reports. (However, that excludes Christians who’ve been pointing out the blatant discrimination and hypocrisy of British buses running Islamic ads praising Allah.)

Khan has a long, unbroken record working with/for “extremists” groups, one of which is CAGE, whose leaders admitted to mentoring Mohammed Emwazi, “Jihadi John.” CAGE claimed Jihadi John was:

 “a victim… extremely kind, gentle, the most humble person… a beautiful young man”

Listen and learn from Britain First, who demand that British people be put first in their own country and defended from terrorism, and expose the terrorist ties of London’s new mayor:



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Bethany Blankley

Bethany Blankley

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