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Islam and Communism: Are Out to Destroy America!

Written by iPatriot

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As long as there are unenlightened and spiritually blind politicians, like Kerry and Obama, America is in danger.

If the world was made up of nation states of Democratic Republics then, yes, we wouldn’t need borders and military. Just a global police force, because the world would be like the United States. But these uneducated idiots obsessed with their utopian vision are too stupid to realize or see the existential and immediate threats of the totalitarian principalities of evil:  Communism and Islam, and the stark raving lunatics obsessed with these demonic, aberrant cults.

We need an AAA leader: This is America! Assimilate or get your Ass out! It’s time for some Constitutional Legal Organizations to file suit against the Federal government for violating our Immigration Laws and the 4th Amendment against invasion by foreign enemies. Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows the fundamental doctrines of Islam and Communism call for the infiltration and destruction of western democracies, particularly the USA. The SCOTUS needs to pass laws from legislation that forbids the proselytizing of either of these treasonous ideologies. They should only be taught in school as examples of anti-American and Anti-Christian political and religious “cults. ”

Why aren’t the 1950’s immigration laws against allowing individuals that subscribe to these “cult Political ideologies,” that call for infiltration, subversion, treason and the overthrow of America being enforced.   The Japanese are light years ahead of us and forbid the public practice or preaching of Islam, as well as the socialist/communist parties running for or holding office.  If our Founders were alive, Muslims would not be allowed to immigrate to America and Obama and Bernie Sanders would never be allowed to run for office…


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