Millennials Don’t Trust Hillary and Hate when she Plays the “Woman Card”!

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CRO Contributor Cabot Phillips went to George Washington University’s commencement activities to see what Millennials thought of Hillary Clinton. The responses were, well…less than enthusiastic. 

“I don’t think we have any trust there at all,” opined one young man. “There ain’t too much trust over there.”

“She definitely does have some trust issues amongst the population,” another graduate agreed, adding, “I don’t believe a word that she says.”

Several other young women likewise told Campus Reform that they have experienced pressure to support Hillary based solely on gender, but expressed more resentment toward the notion.

You can read the story here, or watch the video itself here.

Millennials just don’t trust Hillary Clinton, and they’re sick of being told they should support her simply because she’s a woman.

Campus Reform caught up with several students and young people during commencement at George Washington University last week, and while most expressed reservations about Clinton’s candidacy, nearly all were resigned to her eventual nomination for president.

“I just think that, yeah, there’s a lot of feminist pressure to vote for Hillary,” one woman acknowledged.

Another, describing herself as “definitely” a feminist, even went so far as to say, “I don’t know if I would support Hillary if, like, she was a man.”


Several other young women likewise told Campus Reform that they have experienced pressure to support Hillary based solely on gender, but expressed more resentment toward the notion…


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