Disgusting Video Shows Feminists Attacking Cathedral

As I write this my face is flushed, my blood pressure is up and I am as sad as I have been in quite a while about something I’ve read in the news.

I am not a Catholic. I am a Protestant Christian whose theological and doctrinal views depart pretty drastically from Roman Catholic doctrine. There are quite a few things I have in agreement with most Catholics, though. My stance against abortion is one of them, my personal views on marriage, another. However, none of these are what makes me so angry about this video.

argentinaWhat bothers me the most is the injustice of the moment and the decision by local authorities to do nothing about it. These protesters (mostly women) have no respect for diversity of belief, or for the physical safety of other people. These protesters are worse than animals – not for their beliefs, but for their willingness to treat other people in such a disgusting way. These people represent a miniscule portion of the Argentine population, yet take notice how the majority does not fight back against their vicious and gross display.

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(The same thing is happening in America – to a generally less visible extent. The majority has kowtowed to the minority. We’ve bent over backwards to give them justice, freedom and safety… and now that they seemingly have the upper-hand, they wield their power viciously.)

If you choose to watch the video, be prepared for a heart wrenchingly difficult display. The men who choose to guard the Cathedral are heroic in their passivity and meekness. They could easily overpower the protest, but they choose not to. Notice how they lovingly protect each other using their hands to guard their compatriot’s faces, notice their continual prayers even as the despicable crowd chants vulgarity about the church in their faces.

I am not Catholic, but as I watched this, I could only think of the love of Christ that would move Him to be even more merciful with us then these men with this crowd. We treated (and still do treat) Jesus even worse, and still He loves us. Still He calls us to repentance.

I want to applaud these brave men for making their stand. For showing mercy to those who did not deserve it. For being willing to suffer physical and emotional attack without responding in kind. Acts like these will prove to the world who is on the side of good and who is on the side of evil. I wonder what the folks at MSNBC would say about this video…


(One more thing. Doesn’t this event prove the superiority of the Christian West to the Islamic World’s philosophy? Imagine if a similar event took place in Cairo, Baghdad, Tehran or Islamabad? The woman would have been slaughtered where they stood. Islam would have had no mercy for women like this. It’s not really pertinent to this discussion, just an observation.)

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