Hollywood Hypocrisy

John Stossel, Jason Mattera and Kevin Sorbo discuss the incredible hypocrisy that resides in Hollywood circles when it comes to climate change. Actors and Actresses who make millions of dollars in the movie industry scolding we “normal” folk for our bad environmental habits when they are being paid by one of the biggest sources of pollution on the West Coast. It must be incredibly difficult for these poor Hollywood celebrities to live a carbon neutral lifestyle when they are constantly flying around the world on their jets, sailing in their yachts and driving their sports cars. Perhaps if so many of them didn’t live in gigantic mansions, with acres of well manicured and watered lawns, while purchasing drugs that were shipped in by Latin American cartels (likely with no regard to the environment) it would be easier for them to convince us that we are the ones destroying the planet. The hypocrisy in Hollywood knows no bounds, so their eco-hypocrisy probably shouldn’t surprise me.


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