Obamacare Website Re-launches and Promptly Disappoints

Democrats and the liberal media alike have been trumpeting the relaunch of the Obamacare website, hoping that if the system works now everyone will forget that it should have been working two months ago. The Obama administration has been hyping up the reworked site and throwing all of the positive synonyms at it that they can — but the question is — have they fixed the site?

The intrepid morning team at CNN were the first to take an on-air crack at the website, and wonders of wonders… it fell flat on its face.

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The continual problems with the website prompted this great tweet from the brilliant Pat Sajak.


On MSNBC, things didn’t get much better for the Obamacare site. MSNBC anchor Tamron Hall was working hard to get a positive spin on the site out of her guests when she turned to tech expert and small business owner Luke Chung.

“I’m really hoping as a user and taxpayer that the system works properly. You know, as of today I still haven’t been able to log into the system because it’s been too busy,” software programming business owner Luke Chung. “So, I’m not sure about the changes they’ve made.”

This shocking admission would be damning enough, but Hall interrupted to make the segment even more consequential.

“Was this your first time trying to get on the website?” Hall asked incredulously.

“I’ve been trying since the weekend,” Chung replied, generously interpreting Hall’s to question to be, “Was this your first time trying to get on the website [Since the White House’s self-imposed November 30th deadline passed]?”

Chung said that he saw the website added some unsubsidized example of policy pricing for users to peruse, but he was never able to log into the system.


death and taxesFolks, this is the relaunch. This is how things look after they supposedly “fixed” the problems. Forget about the fact that they had five years to prep this site. Forget about the fact that it was supposed to be fully operational October 1st, and that now two months later, it still sucks. This is what a “good” product looks like to the Obama administration. Aren’t you excited to see what they think “good” healthcare looks like…?

But we haven’t even gotten to the worst part yet. (Yeah, it gets worse.)

The worst part is that while there may have been some improvements to the “front end” (where consumers interact with the site), the insurance companies are telling us that the most important part of the portal still isn’t functioning! People may go through the entire sign up process and think (as they should) that they now have healthcare, and sadly, that isn’t the case. Breitbart (and the New York Times) sheds some light on what is happening…

Specifically, customer information is being scrambled or in some cases lost entirely, leaving citizens to believe they have successfully enrolled only to find out later that they have no health insurance. 

“Health plans can’t process enrollments they don’t receive,” said America’s Health Insurance Plans trade group spokesperson Robert Zirkelbach. 

One insurance executive told the Times that until Obamacare officials fix the new round of problems, citizens will be fooled into thinking they have coverage when, in fact, they do not. 

“Somehow people are getting lost in the process,” said the insurance executive on condition of anonymity. “If they go to a doctor or a hospital and we have no record of them, that will be very upsetting to consumers.” 

The problem, say industry experts, is the Obama administration’s failure to finish building the failure-plagued healthcare.gov website. 

“Until the enrollment process is working from end to end, many consumers will not be able to enroll in coverage,” said America’s Health Insurance Plans trade group President Karen M. Ignagni.

This is not good. The front end still has problems, the back end still needs to be built, and your personal information isn’t safe because the security on the website is a sieve.

But for the Obama team, it’s mission accomplished.


Update: Overnight CNBC broke a bombshell story for us on the safety of Obamacare. One hacker that CNBC spoke to says that there has never been any real security measures on the Obamacare website. Scary news for those who have already entered their very personal information.

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