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New York’s Entire Roster of Democrat Leadership Caught in Various Corruption Scandals!

Written by Onan Coca

Over the past few years we’ve watched as almost the entire slate of Democrat leaders in New York have fallen to corruption charges.

Speaker of the New York State Assembly Sheldon Silver (D) was convicted of federal corruption in 2015. (Update: Yesterday a judge sentenced Silver to 12 years in prison.)

New York State Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith (D) was found guilty of conspiracy, wire fraud, bribery and extortion for attempting to bribe a Republican Party official to get him on the Republican ballot in the New York City mayoral race.

New York State Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada Jr. (D) was found guilty of embezzling money from healthcare clinics.

New York State Comptroller Alan Hevesi (D), was convicted on charges surrounding a “pay to play” scheme with the New York State Pension Fund.

Congressman Charlie Rangel’s entire political career is based on a string of corrupt deals.

Eliot Spitzer resigned amid being embroiled in a prostitution scandal.

Anthony Weiner was caught (several times) in his own string of sex scandals.

Most recently, New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio has been caught up in a massive corruption scandal that is currently threatening to bring down his administration.

However, De Blasio’s problems pale in comparison to the corruption issues currently facing Governor Andrew Cuomo.

From Rusty Weiss at the Mental Recession...

In a late Friday evening news dump, Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office admitted that former top aide Joseph Percoco and other contractors working closely with his administration may have “deceived” and “defrauded” the state.

The announcement came shortly after a federal investigation by U.S. attorney Prett Bharara had been revealed, in which potential improper lobbying and undisclosed conflicts of interests in Cuomo’s “Buffalo Billion” boondoggle have been alleged…

The investigation has sent shockwaves throughout the administration with one state source telling the Buffalo News, “the devastation is acute” and “everyone is literally flabbergasted.”

Percoco, described as “hulking” by the Observer, has long been Cuomo’s strong arm man.

When the investigation into Cuomo’s shuttering of the Moreland ‘ethics’ panel was heating up, Percoco called several of the commissioner’s on the ethics panel and ‘encouraged’ them to make public statements in support of the governor. He intimidated the members, even allegedly offering to write the statements for them and suggesting that the commissioners with which he was ‘encouraging’ use private e-mails rather than New York state accounts.

What is it with Democrats in New York that they just can’t seem to help themselves? Is it a requirement of any Democrat serving in public office in New York, that they be corrupt? (Hello, Hillary Clinton!)


Do yourself a favor and read the rest of Rusty’s Report at the Mental Recession…

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