Conservative Candidate for Senator in Florida calls His Opponent a Democrat!

Written by Onan Coca

Conservative Congressman [score]Ron DeSantis [/score](R-FL) is one of the good guys in the House. He has fought hard for conservative principles and has not buckled or wavered when the establishment and their liberal friends have brought pressure to bear on him. He has joined with other conservative leaders like [score]Ted Yoho[/score] (R-FL), [score]Ted Cruz[/score] (R-TX), [score]Thomas Massie[/score] (R-KY), [score]Justin Amash[/score] (R-MI), [score]Rand Paul[/score] (R-KY), [score]Matt Salmon[/score] (R-AZ), and [score]Raul Labrador[/score] (R-ID) to fight back against the establishment’s corruption and the liberal policies of the D.C. elite.

Now Congressman DeSantis has embarked on a new effort; he hopes to replace [score]Marco Rubio[/score] (R-FL) in the Senate and help lead a conservative revolution in the upper chamber. He is currently involved in a tightly contested primary with several other GOP candidates, including moderate, big government Republican David Jolly. It was Jolly who DeSantis recently focused some cutting (and very funny) comments towards when he remarked that Jolly would soon be appearing in the Democratic Party debate!


Here’s more from DeSantis on Jolly and the race for the Senate in Florida.

In advance of tonight’s Democratic party debate between Congressman [score]Alan Grayson[/score] (D-FL) and Congressman David Jolly (R-FL), Ron DeSantis for Florida pointed out that viewers of the debate shouldn’t expect to see very much policy difference between the two candidates, given their records:

  • Jolly and Grayson both have an “F” rating from Citizens Against Government Waste (Citizens Against Government Waste Scorecard)
  • Jolly and Grayson both opposed repealing the Death Tax (The Hill, 4/16/15)
  • Jolly and Grayson both opposed preventing the IRS from hiring new employees until they certify that no IRS employee has a serious delinquent tax debt (Jolly was the only Republican in all of Congress to vote this way) (Roll Call Vote #160, 2016)
  • Jolly and Grayson both opposed creating a committee to investigate the illicit trafficking of baby parts (again, Jolly was the only Republican in all of Congress to vote this way) (Tampa Bay Times, 10/7/15)
  • Jolly and Grayson both supported allowing American taxpayers to be audited by IRS agents who are tax delinquents without any consequence for the IRS (Jolly was one of only three Republican in all of Congress to vote this way) (Roll Call Vote #157, 2015)
  • Jolly and Grayson both opposed a resolution disapproving of the coercive DC abortion mandate. (Roll Call Vote #194, 2015)

Jolly and Grayson have disagreed on some issues, including whether to permit taxpayer-backed export subsidies flow to Iran.  Jolly voted in favor of sending the subsidies while Grayson was opposed.

“Don’t expect to see fireworks at tonights Democratic Senate debate between Alan Grayson and David Jolly – there’s not much the two disagree on,” said Ron DeSantis for Florida Campaign Manager Brad Herold, “David Jolly repeatedly finds himself voting with Grayson on spending, religious freedom, and protecting IRS bureaucrats, so it’s no wonder he’s chosen to put himself before the Democrat party’s voters as their potential nominee for Senate.”

The truth is that DeSantis is right. David Jolly is a big government candidate whose policies are not much different from the mainstream Democrat Party. Jolly does not deserve the support of the people of Florida, but Ron DeSantis does. Do yourself a favor, Florida, vote DeSantis. You won’t regret it.

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