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What Happens when Our Religious Leaders Call Us to Abandon our Principles

Jonathon Dunne
Written by Jonathon Dunne

I get heat from many places for not being a “real Christian” since I don’t belong to any religion and not going to Church. There are many reasons for this but I want to share what I saw written in a Newspaper by a Priest (in Ireland).

“Anyone who calls someone a “wishy-washy liberal does so with every intention of insulting the person. It’s an attempt at saying that the person stands for nothing, has no definite beliefs or principles”….

In his conclusion he wrote:

“I for one, would much prefer to be a wishy washy liberal than some sort of principled fanatic, who is willing to go to any lengths  to reach the “promised land”. Unfortunately a wishy washy liberal is no match for a bible thumping fundamentalist”.

I find this sad for three reasons:

1 – Its sad that a priest still serving today has lost so much connection of his faith that he believes its better to stand for nothing than stand for something.

2 – Its sad because you have to wonder the condition of his parish and how many people growing up today will also share their beliefs.

3 – Not only has this priest lost his way, potentially leading his parish astray, but he is publishing articles in the paper for everyone to read.

These are very troubling times. We must pray for this priest and his parish, but also be sure we show the other side. We must not be a generation that accepts being wishy-washy as acceptable. We must be the generation that not only acts out of love, but also speak very loudly and very clearly that Christian principles are not only important, but that we are lost without them. Now is the very time we must work and pray harder to get closer to God, not reject them. God Bless.


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About the author

Jonathon Dunne

Jonathon Dunne

Jonathon Dunne is an Irish national who has a life long dream of becoming an American citizen. He is now waiting in line over 12 years. Jonathon is a writer, public speaker and has a podcast exclusive to the Blaze Radio Network. He speaks about God, US History, Constitution and is a firm believer that America is exceptional because the American people are good. You can find his work on and engage with him on Twitter @FreedomDisciple.Follow Jonathon on Twitter @JonathonDunne13.

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