NSA Spying Proves Obama Can’t Lead

New revelations have come out from the leaked Intel by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. Apparently our government spent most of the G8 and G20 Conferences in Canada spying on the other participants in the conferences. CBS News has uncovered documents that show the NSA turned the embassy in Ottawa into a forward command post for spying on these conferences and the nations involved. However, the most revealing bit of news may very well be that this game of espionage came with the consent and the help of our Canadian friends.

The covert U.S. operation was no secret to Canadian authorities.

An NSA briefing note describes the American agency’s operational plans at the Toronto summit meeting and notes they were “closely co-ordinated with the Canadian partner.”

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The NSA and its Canadian “partner,” the Communications Security Establishment Canada, gather foreign intelligence for their respective governments by covertly intercepting phone calls and hacking into computer systems around the world.

Actually, this has really been of interest to me.

NSA friendI deplore the NSA’s domestic spy program. They’ve been vacuuming up the data of American citizens for years in a warrantless — and therefore criminal — endeavor. We Americans are not guilty of any crimes, nor are we even suspect in any crime. The US government has no reason to be snooping and sniffing through our phone calls, emails or internet traffic.

The NSA deserves to get beat up about spying on us, the citizens they are supposed to serve… but this bad rap for spying on other countries is misplaced. Also, it seems like we’ve had a lot of help from the British and the Canadians. I wonder if anyone is mad at them too?

But this international spying… now that’s a horse of a different color. I believe that the NSA (and other organizations) have every right and reason to be spying on our friends and enemies. So I’ve been quite tickled at the pseudo-outrage from other nations when they find out that our spy agencies have been… GASP… spying!

Look, in international politics things can change at lightening speeds. If Russia were to offer Britain a sweet economic deal tomorrow in exchange for help against us, don’t be surprised if the Brits agree. It is vital to our national security and our national well-being that our spy agencies are trying to figure out what everybody else knows – friend or foe.

All of that being said, they should at least do it in a “smart” way.

Lost in all of the hubbub with Obamacare and the Snowden leaks is that President Obama’s administration has been horrible at all of this international intrigue.

Whether he’s bowing to some foreign dignitary, or offending a nation by acting morally superior or getting caught spying on our neighbors… President Obama seems to find new ways to fail, every single day.

Failure may very well be his greatest talent.


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