Obamacare Chases Away Doctors

One of the recurring themes with socialized healthcare around the world are the excruciatingly long wait times. Patients in need of care could be forced to wait days, weeks or even months to receive the care they so desperately need. Why would such a thing happen in a civilized world? Why wouldn’t they be like us in the United States – who can receive care when we need it? If my primary care physician is unable to see me today, I could just call one of many other doctors in my area. If that fails, I could head in to an Urgent Care facility and be seen immediately. The problem is that being a doctor just doesn’t pay as well in countries that have socialized medicine, and we are starting to learn why, now that Obamacare is expanding.

One of the changes built into Obamacare was the expansion of Medicaid. However, if you’ve ever had to deal with Medicaid you know that finding a doctor who accepts it can be difficult. Why? Because accepting Medicaid patients doesn’t pay. The government does not compensate the doctors well enough financially for it to be worth their while to accept Medicaid insurance. So not only will Obamacare hurt healthcare in the USA, it will cripple Medicaid – the one outlet the poor had to ensure they got medical access.

Dr. Ted Mazer is one of the few ear, nose and throat specialists in this region who treat low-income people on Medicaid, so many of his patients travel long distances to see him.

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But now, as California’s Medicaid program is preparing for a major expansion under President Obama’s health care law, Dr. Mazer says he cannot accept additional patients under the government insurance program for a simple reason: It does not pay enough.

“It’s a bad situation that is likely to be made worse,” he said.

His view is shared by many doctors around the country. Medicaid for years has struggled with a shortage of doctors willing to accept its low reimbursement rates and red tape, forcing many patients to wait for care, particularly from specialists like Dr. Mazer.

Yet in just five weeks, millions of additional Americans will be covered by the program, many of them older people with an array of health problems.

This is the simplest and shortest answer to why socialized healthcare is inferior healthcare. You just can’t work your way around PROFIT MOTIVE.

Wikipedia provides us with a concise definition of profit motive. The profit motive is an economic concept which posits that the ultimate goal of a business is to make money. Stated differently, the reason for a business’s existence is to turn a profit.

About this time is when liberals start to cry, “Oh you conservatives are such greedy monsters! Just do it because it helps people…”

This argument makes me sick. The people making this argument are not the ones having to spend a decade of their lives doing the back-breaking work to earn a medical degree. These people are not the ones who are having to risk their economic future by digging themselves into an enormous debt hole. These people are not the ones who have to sacrifice so much to become medical professionals.

doctors are scarceThe point is this. Medicaid, Medicare or Obamacare – none of these pay as well as private insurers do. And they never will. Becoming a doctor is hard work, it’s expensive work. Running a medical practice is also hard and expensive work. For people to decide that the work and expense are worthwhile, they have to get paid to do it.

This is why Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) has had a shortage of doctors for decades. This is why patients have to wait months for tests and screenings in Canada. This is why the care in these nations is so deplorable.

But most importantly…

The profit motive is why people from all over the world travel to the United States for their medical care. Rich people from China, Canada, Great Britian, the Middle East and beyond come here for the best care that money can afford.

So Obamacare is de-incentivizing becoming a medical professional. It’s crippling Medicaid by adding millions of people to the rolls, but not adding any doctors. And very soon, Obamacare will quite literally be killing people.

By accepting Obamacare, America is accepting mediocrity in the health industry. That’s a bad move.


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