Donald Trump isn’t the Problem, He’s a Symptom of the Problem

Our friend “Irish” Jonathon Dunne is at it again. He was recently on his Blaze Radio program discussing Donald Trump, the 2016 campaign and some very stupid comments one American celebrity just made. Dunne’s insights are clearly articulated, often helpful, and always entertaining.



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In this episode, I want to share a theory on Donald Trump’s support in 2016 and highlight why I think Trump is a symptom of modern day America. I also address Lena Denham’s recent comments on white males not being able to understand what it’s like to be attacked.

Questions raised in this episode:

  • What industry has creditability / confidence today?
  • How many protections are in the first amendment?
  • Did you see what happened on the Kardashians last night?
  • If Trump is elected and turns out to be a disaster, how will people respond to his supporters? Embrace them and show love, or say I told you so?

Please check out this important show below or listen directly on SoundCloud or ITunes:

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About the author

Jonathon Dunne

Jonathon Dunne is an Irishman who had one dream in life – to become an American citizen. After waiting nearly 13 years, he finally secured a job offer and thought his dream was becoming a reality. However, after meeting with lawyers, he was informed he did not meet the educational or work experience requirements to even apply for a visa.

While his dream may be dead, his responsibilities to America and the pursuit of freedom are not. On his podcast, Jonathon shares eternal self-evident principles, promotes why America is an IDEA and defends America as an exceptional nation against those who attack it from ALL sides.

Jonathon is a Christian, a public speaker and a writer. You can engage with him on Twitter @freedomdisciple

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